Ali Yakubov – The Koran/Qur’an skin mystery.

Have you guys read about this?

Ali Yakubov - from

Ali Yakubov - from

I am baffled. I read this in, but we don’t know the ‘truth’ behind this yet. People are wondering whether its the work of their parents, or it was really verses from the Qur’an/Koran appearing on Ali Yakubov’s skin without any manipulation from parents or some sort.

I will quote a few sentences from certain sources (I read up quite a bit from various sites), here’s the one from dailymail/UK.

Miracle or hoax? Russians puzzled as phrases

from the Koran start appearing ‘spontaneously’

on baby’s skin

That article together with thesun article (the one that has been quoted for Alfie Patten) as well, were probably the two most quoted article.

The parents of nine-month-old Ali Yakubov were stunned when the word Allah appeared on his chin soon after his birth.

Since then scores of writings in Arabic script have emerged on his back, arms, legs and stomach.

Amazingly his family claim the old markings vanish before the new words arrive — twice a week.

Personally, the article that I really love, would be from russiatoday[dot]com. It may seem a bit biased (but God, which Media AREN’T?!), but I liked it because it is the only one so far (that I have found) to state these information (which I couldn’t really find in a lot of news media) :

Meanwhile, doctors think otherwise. They are almost sure the signs have been written by Ali’s parents.

Lyudmila Luss from Russia’s institute of immunology says the writings have been most likely made physically or chemically.

“Substances like pepper or salt can produce such a reaction on the skin,” she says. It can also be a result of urticarious dermographism, she added, which is a skin disorder seen in 4–5% of the population. The skin then becomes raised and inflamed when stroked or rubbed with a dull object.

So far, Ali’s family has refused to make any meticulous dermatologic examination. In the meantime, Russian media report that Ali was initially diagnosed with coronary heart disease and cerebral spastic infantile paralysis, but when his abnormalities began he miraculously recovered.

Read more from Russiatoday :

and more :

on an unrelated note: The baby is so cute!

So, is it true? We don’t know yet – there aren’t any proof at the moment, but only speculations so far. People over the internets have been saying that it might be the work of their parents, but some also claim that it IS a sign from Allah. What do you think?

Personally, for me, this is really awesome. My friends were freaked out, but, I don’t know. It is probably till now I am still a freethinker (with my dad), and we do question world’s biggest questions often. Religion, how it started, lineage, history, mysterious events, other realms, ghosts, devils, demons, etc.

So, If there really IS a sign (which is proven true that those signs on Ali appeared without any manipulation from the parents), I would be amazed, and would probably jump into reading researches that people will make regarding Ali.

If it’s false, or a hoax, or even, by Ali’s parents, shame on you parents, (for getting my hopes up) and for doing that to your beautiful baby’s skin.

I guess we have to wait for more information from Russia to tell us what’s really happening. And whether they have seen it happen (I guess they will wait on Thursday – Friday night for the real sighting of it appearing, man, I think someone would actually videotape it and upload on youtube). Poor baby, getting all the media attention in such a young age.

Honestly, I hope this is not a hoax, and verses are indeed appearing. Would be another extra piece of information for freethinkers like me to consider.


Pinkish in color and several centimeters high, the Koranic verse “Be thankful or grateful to Allah” was printed on the infant’s right leg in clearly legible Arabic script this week, religious leaders said. Visiting foreign journalists later saw a single letter after the rest had vanished.



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  2. Hello guys and ladies. Any update on Ali Yakubov? After October 2009, many months have passed. But no more updates. What happened? Did everyone loose interest?

    1. Media lost interest and decided that it wasn’t worth mentioning…

      Or maybe they can’t prove whether it’s a hoax or whether it’s true, so POOF, it went missing |:.

      That’s just what I think tho. I guess we really need someone who stays in that area to check. |:

  3. people please put your hate a side and consider something. a miracle has come and y’all deny it. God will always show us signs until we believe but only y’all knew. please don’t hate because its Islam. her parents became Muslims because of these miracle God be praised, Ameen

    1. It’s not hate it ‘s logic, it’s an obvious hoax once you research it a bit more, why would the mother deny a dermal exam if it wasn’t a hoax?

      you want it to be true so that years of Islamic violence can be justified and so you can claim your faith as the only faith.

      and thus you do not question it enough.

  4. Ya Allah………………………..its incredible n Very miracle instinc happen in this world……….this is the sign of qayamat …………….allah tahla hum sab ke gunha maf farmaye……………………….Allahu-Akbar………..

  5. I don’t like to be a naysayer. It would be cool if not a hoax, but almost certainly a hoax. And by the parents. My guess is it’s for attention and nothing more. The sad thing is they don’t realize they in a nation that they should not be making up a hoax like this. In America they could get away with it, or at least only arrested and sued like what will likely happen with the balloon boy. Faking something religious by Allah? Once the truth is discovered, well let’s just hope it’s not. Or that enough believers still believe it to be true and keep them and the baby protected.

    Here is why I think it’s a fake.

    The language that it’s written in. If it were a language they didn’t understand, or symbols that would be one thing. But it’s not. Also the writing style is certainly that of someone local. And I doubt any stranger is just breaking in to write these. Based on him being cranky and feverish after it’s almost certainly an allergic reaction to something that they are using to write on him, or a compound that he is alergic to that they use. Mostly likely it’s happening in his sleep when he’s not fussing, since he seems to be very cranky and impossible to hold after the reaction.

    The parents are not allowing dermatological tests. But they are allowing complete strangers to come in, hold him, examine him to some degree. Just not that? If this were really legit, they would be letting anyone come and check him out and figure out what is wrong with him? If they are innocent and it’s real, they would be letting anyone test him, and they would be filming him overnight to show it’s not something they are doing it.

    My best theory is it’s just for attention and nothing more. I don’t think it’s even for the money, if there is any money. I think it’s just for attention.

  6. Initialy the doctors said the baby will die after 2/3 days because it had coronary heart disease n was born premature… But after the writing etc appeared, the baby has made a full recovery.. So the poor baby is not getting tortured, its more like a blessing…

  7. should be a 24 hours camera record him and submit as webcam on the internet.. they say the witings will change twicea week.. so in a week we should have captured when the new writing is appeared.. if not then maybe it’s a hoax after all..

    1. 24/7 is a bit too extreme, and what about their privacy? A visit on the night of the incident should be enough, I think.

      There’s no news from the mass media yet about the continuation of Ali Yakubov, I’m getting worried they might drop this.

    1. Hi Soraya,

      There’s no concrete proof of yet but RussiaToday delivers sort of a different story. Yahoo, BBC, and even trusted news sites and agencies delivered news that was not true before too. In this world, you can’t really trust the media unless concrete evidence on stuff that happened is shown.

      But, thanks for the link for the news in MSNBC, I would add the link to my post :]

      Mysterious indeed. But really a good read.

  8. This is true and more than truth. These are facts that appear every day in our lifes. The most luckiest people are those who see and believe them magnificant deeds of Mighty ALLAH.

    1. Hi Muhamed,
      Um, I’m actually waiting for Thursday evening (tomorrow evening to be exact) of the live/recorded video (or maybe news articles) to show me and give me some proof that this is not a hoax. Since there’s a method of proofing whether this a hoax or not.

      If it’s true, then this would be really interesting and I’m interested to see what other verses will appear. If it is indeed a hoax, I believe lots of Muslims out there would be unhappy on how the parents had treated their son.

      Still waiting for more proof before I conclude/confirm anything regarding the hoax/truth/facts behind this! 😀

  9. Hi Rilyad, this story will make nice fodder for the next Dan Brown book. I say Hoax. This year the news outlets have been flooded with bizarre stories from Russia (none ever confirmed!). I think we should take them with a grain of salt…but don’t be using that salt on your arms 🙂

    1. Hi Friggin loon!

      Probably not good enough of a fodder for Dan Brown,. I don’t know, he seems to like the idea of making Christianity his main fodder, hurr hurr. Looks like a hoax/manipulation by the parents too (Pssh, news outlets has always been flooded with hoaxes- at least this time round they are smarter and later tell the audience of whether it is a hoax or it’s the real thing). D’aw, I’m not allergic to salt, so no demographics on me!

      (But awww, I’m still waiting for Thursday night to see interesting ‘ZOMG ITS A HOAX’ or ‘ZOMG ITS REAL’ articles, should be pretty interesting if it wasn’t a hoax)

    2. Say, I would go ‘interesting’ because it would make me wonder, out of 109381098741041 (exaggerations, random numpad mash) Muslim babies in the world (I don’t have the exact number/amount so hence the random mash!) WHY Ali? Or even, why that pair? Why, why why? :0

      The reason on why it happens would be ‘interesting’ to me. And yeah, several people have said it’s scary. Fever and cries sounds like an infection; would be surprising if they actually found an /infection/ somewhere that causes the inscription. Hm!

      (If it’s not a hoax, really)

      1. This poor baby is basically being tortured by his wack job parents. They would let a dermatologist take a detailed look at him if they werent marking their child somehow. If it is true its amazing, but very doubtful I bet his parents are taking donations either way. Poor baby

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